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Our Process

How we deliver person-centered mental health care.

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Book an online or face-to-face ADHD Assessment

The ADHD Centre offers assessments at our London and Manchester clinics, or via online appointment. All assessments are with a highly-experienced Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in ADHD. So if you’re wondering where to go for an ADHD diagnosis look no further; we’re here to help.

Online or face-to-face appointments available in London and Manchester

Speak to an ADHD Consultant Psychiatrist with years of experience in the field

Get a structured clinical assessment specifically for adult ADHD, based on the latest DSM-V criteria

60-90 mins for adults, 90-120 minutes for children

Receive a full report outlining diagnosis and treatment plan details

What Does An ADHD Assessment Look Like And What Can You Expect

  • Who carries out the ADHD Assessment?
Who carries out the ADHD Assessment?

All assessments are undertaken by a Consultant Psychiatrist (adult or child) who specialises in ADHD. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that specialises in mental health and can prescribe ADHD medications. You can read more about our handpicked team of leading ADHD specialist Consultant Psychiatrists here.

  • What happens during an adult ADHD assessment?
What happens during an adult ADHD assessment?

Clinic assessments for adults at The ADHD Centre are held with an expert consultant psychiatrist and typically last between 60-90 minutes (this includes time taken to review case notes before and after the assessment).


Our years of expertise will ensure you receive the most accurate and reliable assessment to inform your bespoke treatment plan.


Before taking part in your assessment, you’ll be asked to complete a simple symptom checklist and a few registration forms, and then you’ll be walked through a structural clinical assessment at our adult ADHD clinic.


Our assessments are based on the latest DSM-V criteria for adult ADHD, known within the industry as the gold standard of assessment criteria for diagnosing the different subtypes of ADHD.


  • What happens during a Child/Adolescent Assessment?
What happens during a Child/Adolescent Assessment?

The assessment process for anyone aged 5-17 is similar in many ways to an adult assessment. The assessment will be carried out by a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with specific expertise in assessing and diagnosing ADHD as well as general psychiatric conditions in this age group. The assessment time is typically a little longer 90-120 minutes (this includes time taken to review case notes before and after the assessment).


Children’s ADHD assessments consist of a structured clinical assessment for ADHD using the Conners 4 diagnostic assessment tool. This well-recognised tool has three components (Teacher, Parent and Child) and is used to help your Consultant Psychiatrist to get a better objective understanding of how your child’s ADHD symptoms may have affected them throughout their life.


You will meet with one of our Specialist Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists to complete the assessment. The doctor will take a detailed assessment of your child’s presenting symptoms, how the symptoms have developed over time, past medical history, developmental history and family history.


Following this, the doctor will formulate a differential diagnosis, taking into consideration all the above information. This will then form the basis of an individualised treatment plan, which is designed to ensure that your child receives the best possible management and care.


  • What will happen after the assessment?
What will happen after the assessment?

Following your assessment we will send you, via secure email, a detailed report from your Consultant Psychiatrist, outlining any diagnosis and treatment plan details. We will aim to send this within 2 weeks of your assessment (this may be longer if there is important outstanding information that we are waiting for, such as Conners questionnaires from school for child assessments).

  • What happens if I am prescribed medication?
What happens if I am prescribed medication?

If your treatment plan recommends a trial of medication then we will outline any baseline health checks that are required for safety (such as blood pressure, pulse, weight and a cardiovascular examination). This can be booked with your GP or undertaken privately. The results are received for your consultant to review before your 1st follow up appointment is offered.


If you are initiated on a medication trial, then you will usually require on average between 3-6 follow-up appointments to reach the correct dose. NICE and GMC guidelines recommend a review by a specialist after each dose titration for safe prescribing practice.


During the follow-up appointment, your Consultant Psychiatrist will monitor your response to treatment, any adverse side effects, physical observations (BP, pulse and weight). They will communicate with your GP informing them of your progress as per GMC guidelines on safe prescribing. Clients will be required to pay for follow-up appointments and private prescriptions fees during this time.


Once you are established on a stable medication regime, then we can set up a shared care agreement with your GP, if they are willing to accept this. We have standard protocol documents for this procedure. At this stage, your GP would then take over the prescribing of any medication. This would mean that your prescription would then become an NHS prescription and charged at their lower, standard rate.


*Please note we cannot guarantee a Share Care arrangement with your GP, but most of our clients that go down the medication route do end up on a shared care. We would suggest you discuss this with your GP in advance.


As of November 2024, we currently have more than 2500 clients on shared care protocols with GP surgeries across the UK.

  • How will I receive my medication?
How will I receive my medication?

We normally recommend using a pharmacy delivery service that delivers the medication directly to you, as it is faster and more secure. You will be contacted directly by the pharmacy to arrange payment and delivery.


  • Do you offer any ADHD treatments other than ADHD medication?
Do you offer any ADHD treatments other than ADHD medication?

Yes, we offer a specialist ADHD coaching programme. We can arrange a free introductory coaching call after your initial assessment. This discovery call will explain how our specialist behavioural coaching programme can help you in overcoming certain ADHD symptoms that may be holding you back from reaching your goals.


We offer parent training, advice and guidance.


We have also developed our unique Online Essential Mindfulness Course, that you can sign upto which provides unique exercises for help with specific ADHD symptoms. You can read more about this here

  • What if I am diagnosed with something other than ADHD?
What if I am diagnosed with something other than ADHD?

Whilst our assessments are specifically for ADHD, your consultant will also undertake a general psychiatric assessment and note any other common co-morbid psychiatric conditions which may be contributing to your current difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, or traits of autistic spectrum condition. They will discuss and give guidance about what further assessment and treatment options are available for these conditions.

  • How much does an ADHD assessment and treatment cost?
How much does an ADHD assessment and treatment cost?

We offer a range of ADHD services. Please see our ADHD treatment pricing page for more information.

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