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The Best Ways to Deal with ADHD Treatment Plans

People with ADHD find it hard to work in a world, designed for those who do not have developmental disabilities. One of the reasons why is that they lack the neurotransmitters that take care of pleasures and rewards. To adults with ADHD, the concept of delayed rewards, such as salary is not satisfying. This is why many of those with ADHD are searching high and low for the best ADHD treatment plans and ADHD medications.
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The Best Ways to Deal with ADHD Treatment Plans


People with ADHD find it hard to work in a world, designed for those who do not have developmental disabilities. One of the reasons why is that they lack the neurotransmitters that take care of pleasures and rewards. To adults with ADHD, the concept of delayed rewards, such as salary is not satisfying. This is why many of those with ADHD are searching high and low for the best ADHD treatment plans and ADHD medications.

The treatment for ADHD is not impossible but it is complicated. Complicated because the unkind and bitter feedbacks that people with ADHD had endured throughout the years, is hard to undo. As hard as undoing and adjusting habits a person has built over the lifetime.

Listed below, is a treatment plan that is patterned especially on how people with ADHD think and feels. Bear in mind that the Treatment for ADHD has a high risk of failure. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a person whom the person with ADHD trusts will be involved throughout the treatment.

Here are the 11 ADHD Treatment Plans

1. ADHD is not a Flaw

A child with ADHD tends to act differently from those without. This is because their mind has its own set of rules, which works differently from those who have no ADHD.

This is why the parents of these kids, do not know how to handle them. Chances are, the parents will apply to their children what worked for them when they were their age.

If ever the kids fail, they will scold them and tell them they have not tried enough. This is very wrong. The child will grow up thinking that they have never done anything right.

To make the child believe that he/she is a good person plays a vital role in the treatment. Instead of telling them that they have not tried their best, wouldn’t it be better to tell the child that they are doing well?

A young child needs someone who encourages them to have self-confidence. Isn’t it better to encourage these kids to be the best kind of person with ADHD?

2. Treating ADHD is a Group Effort

It is important that the family must first understand what ADHD is, and what are the possible things, the person with ADHD could achieve.

A person with ADHD wants to please a particular person they look up to. The amount of frustration the patients will go through if they fail is immeasurable.

So, keep in mind that the therapy should not only focus solely on the patient. The person with them plays a huge role in their treatment too. This means that everyone in the family should know what is going on.

3. ADHD Medication is a Must

For those who tried to go on a counselling without taking the ADHD medication and failed, try the counselling again. But this time, take the ADHD medication first.

Years ago, medical practitioners once discussed whether or not they require their patients to take the medication before they go to a therapy session. They conducted experiments along with other research clinics. They have concluded that patients should take their medication before attending a therapeutic session.

The sad thing is about this is that; some people who have ADHD do not believe in medications and insists that medication can make no changes.

Well, here’s the thing, a patient’s attention span, motor movements, and impulsiveness can be returned and moved to a higher level, with the help of Medications. The people with ADHD can finally play even with those who do not have the condition.

4. Traditional Solutions are not Helpful

If the patient still uses medication for their ADHD but never improves their manner of approaching things. Then everything is useless.

Approaching the tasks in a neurotypical manner, a manner of approaching the task, similar to a person without developmental disabilities would approach things, it will never work for those who have ADHD.

To help the patient get through the treatment is first, they must scrap the idea that the old techniques work. After disregarding the techniques that failed, they should replace them with the new ones.

Remember, Neurotypical Techniques only work for neurotypical people. Not with people with ADHD.

5. Personal Motivation is Important

If you think that motivating the person with ADHD to finish things up will make the person with ADHD want to complete the task, then you are wrong.

What can help them to start working, is valuing what they value. Using these things as motivation will help them to stay focused.

Make them understand that what they’re going through is for their own sake. This will help motivate them to focus and finish the therapy.

6. Document the ADHD Treatments that Work

It is important to keep records of the things the person with ADHD has done in relation to dealing with their problems. This would serve as their list of the things they have done, whether they went out of their comfort zone.

Some doctors even ask their patients to bring paper and pen everywhere and take note of the things they did that worked.

This will serve as their reminder that they are not a failure, and things will work out fine for them.

7. Spark Interest

People with ADHD have trouble keeping their focus on one thing. So, it is not a surprise that they often get bored with their job, resulting in procrastination.

It is important for people with ADHD to spark their interest. If they find something interesting, they will be motivated by things to the best of their ability.

8. Change the Format

People with ADHD encounter difficulty in demonstrating to someone, what they know. They find it hard to transfer their knowledge to other people.

What these people needs is to change their manner of approaching things. Alter things in a way that is convenient for them. Creating their own style and structure according to what they find interesting.

You’ll be surprised at what they can achieve if they do things their own way.

9. Self-motivation

Adults and children with ADHD tend to wait for others to make things interesting. But why wait for others if they can do it themselves?

People with ADHD need to take initiative and look for what interests them and what gets them engaged. If they find it boring to deal with the same work over and over again, they should take it for themselves to look for ways to make things interesting.

10. Create Competitions

It is a common occurrence, to people with ADHD to be able to master new jobs but lose their interest as soon as they master it. A good challenge and competitor will be able to help them get hold of that interest.

It does not have to be in a form of another competitor, it can be in a form of beating their own personal high score. Anything that could give a person with ADHD, a good challenge will work.

11. Find a Body Double

In movies, they use a body double for dangerous stunts. In terms of ADHD, a body double is someone who accompanies a person with ADHD as they take on a task that is a little bit difficult for a person with ADHD to do alone.

It is not necessary that the other person accompanying the person with ADHD is helping them with their task. There are times that they will only need the body-double for the sake of just having someone else in the room. The body double could be just reading a book or listening to music and it could still count as helping the person with ADHD. The workload is simply more fun if you have a company.

Keep in mind that people with ADHD can’t do these things alone. These things work best if they have someone they trust together with them as they go through their way to a better way of dealing with things.

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