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Psychiatry is a word that literally means ‘treatment of the mind’ derived from the Greek root-words psych- and -iatry. Psychiatric treatment is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating mental disorders by addressing biological, social and psychological factors affecting a person’s mental state. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who along with providing other treatments is certified to prescribe medication for dealing with mental health issues.Psychiatric treatment usually starts with an overall evaluation of the patient. The doctor will ask questions concerning the patient’s


Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety and panic during their lifetime. It is a perfectly natural response, particularly when you are in a dangerous or stressful situation.However, for people with panic disorder, feelings of anxiety, stress and panic can occur at any time, usually for no obvious reason.Anxiety conditionsThere are several conditions where anxiety is one of the main symptoms. Phobias, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder can all cause severe anxiety.Panic attacksA panic attack is when your body experiences a rush of intense psychological (mental) and physical symptoms. You may feel an overwhelming sense of fear, apprehension and anxiety. As well as these feelings, you may also experience physical symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, trembling and a sensation that your heart is beating irregularly (palpitations). A panic attack can be very frightening and intense, but it is not dangerous. It will not cause you any physical harm.

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