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7 Truths About Child ADHD Assessment You Should Have Known Back Then


As an adult with ADHD, one can really imagine their juvenescence and what it used to be “different.” You looked back and realized that you actually had a terrible childhood. You’re constantly getting in trouble at school, you have little to no friends, and people tend to criticize you for your condition. If there’s someone you should blame for your childhood failure’s, it’s you. Not for your ADHD condition, but for your lack of realizing it early on. You could’ve gotten proper child ADHD assessment and treatment, but you weren’t able to acknowledge your difference.

Instead, you chose to hide your difference by trying to live a “normal” life, but you can’t just mask your ADHD symptoms. It will trigger, and people will eventually know. Fast forward today — you’re already mature, and most likely, you’ve also carried your ADHD through adulthood. Looking back again, what were the things you wished you knew about your condition? Did you regret taking your ADHD diagnosis for granted? I bet you do.

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7 Things You Wish You Knew About ADHD As a Child

But it’s not too late to make a change. Here are seven things you’d wish you knew when you were a kid.

Being Different is OKAY

The most common belief for a child with ADHD is that their difference is killing their chances to be great in the future. After all of your day-to-day engagements, you’re probably aware that you were completely different from your other peers when you were a kid. You tend to develop different thoughts and approach to life that most would consider you weird and strange. For you, being considered different felt like not being good enough for anybody.

However, you never really considered that you’re not the only one who’s different and misunderstood. A lot of famous people also had ADHD, but they still managed to have successful careers. Also, artists, musicians, composers, scientists, and even actors go for the odd instead with the even, and they’ve made a whole lot of difference in changing this world we’re living in.

a young boy wearing a tuxedo

You were Actually Smart

And you still are!” Back then, you were definitely something else. You had the potential of being great and can make a difference in this world. But unfortunately, your ADHD symptoms are too severe for you even to notice your intelligence. You knew your brilliance knows no bounds, but your anxiety took the best of your potential. You don’t trust your instincts a lot. You’re not raising your hand during class discussions even though you know the answer. All your teachers are disappointed in your level of participation. What’s worse is that you’re being regarded as unintelligent by most of your classmates since you tend to look unsure with your answers and stutter once called upon to explain a topic. But you’re actually smart. You know you are, but you just didn’t flourish because, well — ADHD.

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Your Passion Will Ignite Your Potential

You’re entire academic years as a kid was filled with discouragement. You’ve probably heard a lot about your teachers calling you out for being someone with a lot of potentials if only you worked harder. While hard work does make a lot of difference when it comes to having potential, it isn’t really the case. Contrary to popular belief, the catalyst for potential isn’t actually hard work, but passion. If you are very passionate about what you do, you will eventually have the potential to be great. It isn’t a matter of working for days. It’s about being passionate about what you’re doing. Passion ignites hard work, and will eventually lead you to do great things, regardless of whether or not you have ADHD.

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ADHD Coaching Really helps

I bet the majority of people with ADHD would deny that they even had one — That includes you. You know deep down inside that you were different back then, but you refused to believe it, and instead, you chose to assume that you are entirely normal. But your not, and there’s really nothing wrong with being different. All you need is to understand that you actually needed help from a certified ADHD Coach. Proper ADHD medication and coaching are essential if you’re looking to manage and contain your ADHD symptoms. Unfortunately, you didn’t go for adequate ADHD coaching. But it’s not too late to do so. Even if you’re already an adult, you can still right the ship and manage your ADHD symptoms by undergoing ADHD coaching. You might not have thought about it, but there’s nothing as comforting as being guided by a coach that knows everything about your ADHD tendencies and understands all of your thoughts inside your head.

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Your Attention wasn’t Really A Deficit

You’ve probably been in this situation a couple of times: you’re in a boring classroom, trying to listen to your dull teacher, but you’re just too bored to do so. Suddenly, you watched the window and noticed birds flying. Your attention immediately shifted to the birds, completely ignoring the class discussion. In that situation, your teacher would assume that your attention is lacking, but in truth, your attention wasn’t really a deficit. Instead, it just diverted to a different focus. As a child with ADHD symptoms, your brain doesn’t like to be bored, which is the reason why it pays attention to only things that interest you the most. That means you actually have attention; the thing is, it just constantly diverts to the things that spark your interest.

Your ADHD Brain Needs Rehab Time

Having an ADHD brain is filled with activeness, excitement, and exhaustion. You’re constantly overthinking, and you can’t help it. There’s just too much commotion in this world for you to contain. If the people or the environment is too negative for you, don’t hesitate to leave. Understand that your ADHD symptoms will only get worse if you get stressed or pressured with your current setting. Don’t be afraid to make a change. Try to release the pressure by relaxing – read a book, watch a movie, or have some quality quiet time. Try to enjoy and not over exhaust yourself. It helps a lot.

You Will Eventually Love ADHD

You have ADHD, and as ironic as it may sound, it’s completely normal. Your life can be harder than everyone else, but it’s not impossible. Once you learn to accept yourself for who you are, you will eventually love and embrace your condition. Having ADHD isn’t the end of the world. It’s just a matter of understanding and acceptance. You can still do great things, and you can even make a name for yourself, despite having ADHD.

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Sometimes being aware of things you should’ve known earlier can be a life changer. It can gear you up to make you a better person today. But then again, it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t acknowledge these realizations earlier. It’s just a matter of adjusting and working towards making your life better.

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