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Unleash your productivity: 10 game-changing apps for adults with ADHD

If you’re looking for ways to harness your potential, stay organised, and thrive in your daily life, you’re in the right place. We understand the unique challenges that come with adult ADHD, and that’s...
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Unleash your productivity: 10 game-changing apps for adults with ADHD


If you’re looking for ways to harness your potential, stay organised, and thrive in your daily life, you’re in the right place.
We understand the unique challenges that come with adult ADHD, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 apps that can make a real difference.

Developers have designed these apps to help you take control, keep on track, and unlock your full potential. So, let’s discover the power of technology to support your journey with ADHD.


Remember The Milk 

Free on Android/IOS

Sometimes, even the simplest tasks can become overwhelming with their many steps. This app helps you navigate these tasks and increases your chances of completing them. 

Break down big goals into bite-sized chunks, so you can tackle them one at a time. You can even add handy notes to give yourself all the details you need. From locations and passwords to messages and addresses. 

It has a great ‘map’ function which helps you plan the most efficient route if out and about. Enabling you to check off items on your list in the most convenient order. 

Home Routines

£4.99 on IOS 

Get a grip on those never-ending household tasks with Home Routines. This app lets you create checklists for your routines and complete them on the days that work best for you. Plus, you’ll get helpful reminder notifications to stay on top of things, and even earn gold stars for every task you complete. 

The best part? Your checklists can automatically reset, so you can start fresh each morning, week, or month. With free online editing and syncing across all your devices. Managing your chores has never been easier.


TICKTICK: To-do and task-management

Free on Android/IOS

TickTick is the ultimate to-do and task-management app. It’s got a great feature called’ seamless cloud synchronisation,’ which means all your devices stay in sync. No more juggling between gadgets. 

Whether you need to schedule an agenda, jot down memos, share shopping lists, collaborate with your friends, or even build some new habits. 

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a life that’s on track. 

Evernote: Notes organiser

Free on Android/IOS

Don’t let your brilliant ideas slip away. With Evernote, you can jot down your notes, and to-do lists, and schedule them all in one place, helping you stay focused and do more.  

The app syncs across all your devices, so you can stay productive on the move. And if that’s not enough, you can even connect your Google Calendar to stay on top of your schedule.

Capture ideas, tame distractions, and conquer your tasks.


HyperJar: Money management app

Free on Android/IOS

HyperJar is a money management app and prepaid debit card that helps you take control of your money. 

You split your budget into jars and then spend from them. It’s like having separate pockets for different expenses, making it simple to keep track of where your money is going. 

It works with Apple Pay so you can use the app with your Apple devices, making payments a breeze. 

You can even schedule payments into your jars. No more stressing about due dates or missing bill payments. 

PocketGuard: Budget and bills

Free on Android/IOS

This budgeting app lets you set spending limits and keeps track of all your expenses. It even categorises your transactions, so you can see exactly how much money you have left to spend in each category. 

You can set up alerts to give you a heads-up when you’re getting close to hitting your spending limits. No more surprise overdrafts or blowing your budget. 

The ‘In my pocket’ feature tells you how much disposable income you have after paying your bills and saving for your goals. This means you always know the actual amount you can spend.


Todoist: To-do list and planner

Free on Android/IOS

Organise your work and life into a super handy list that will give you a push to be productive.

The quick-add feature is a total time-saver. Type in your task, pick a reminder time and hashtag it with the right list category. The app does all the organising for you. No more scrambling to keep everything in order. 

There’s also a progress summary that gives you a clear view of how many tasks you’ve conquered and how many are still waiting for your attention. It’s like your personal productivity coach. Work management

Free on Android/IOS

Say goodbye to missed assignments and deadlines because this app will keep you on track. 

You can create your own custom workflows and boards to keep your projects super organised and easy to follow. Visualise your progress and tick off tasks. 

If you’re a list lover, it also has a feature where you can create and share custom list templates with your friends or co-workers.


Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Free on Android/IOS

This app will help you fall asleep in no time. With over 100 soothing sounds and more added all the time. 

You can mix and match any combination of sounds to create your perfect sleep environment. You can also save your favourite sound combinations for future sleepy nights. 

Great for battling insomnia or curbing anxiety. 


A free 7-day trial then £39.99 per year on Android/IOS

If you want to curb your anxiety, reduce stress, and up your performance, this app is for you. 

It’s got hundreds of hours of guided meditations that cover everything from anxiety to sleep. With exclusive music tracks that’ll help you focus, relax, and doze off.

Your subscription includes Calm Masterclasses taught by world-renowned experts. Including video lessons on gentle stretching and movement. It’s like a mini workout for your mind and body.

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