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Use of Psychological Therapies in the Treatment of Adult ADHD


Although medication is often thought of as the standard treatment for Adult ADHD, many patients may instead benefit from psychosocial treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy and/or work with an ADHD coach. These alternative treatments play a key role in helping you to understand the best ways to deal with ADHD. Some patients find that combined medication and psychosocial treatments work the best for them when managing symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.

Why Therapy is Important

Therapy is essential for Adult ADHD, according to Dr. David W. Goodman, as quoted in WebMD. Dr. Goodman is part of the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

The medications used for Adult ADHD in London are usually effective. But even if you take medication, you may struggle with residual ADHD effects, like low self-esteem and habits that can be disorganized.

Adding Psychosocial Therapies

Medications can be a good foundation for the treatment of adults with ADHD, but psychosocial therapies can add to the full effect. ADHD treatment differs in some ways from traditional therapy and you’ll need to find a therapist trained in the area.

Therapy for adults with ADHD is different from other typical types of therapy. Traditional therapy is sometimes not effective for people in London Adult ADHD clinic treatment.  Adults who have ADHD need help in more concrete ways

The results of studies dealing with ADHD psychosocial treatments are promising. One study showed that therapy, along with medication, not only improved patients’ ability to function, but also reduced their depression and anxiety symptoms. Your London ADHD doctor can help you to deal with all aspects of Adult ADHD.

Other Areas to be Helped

It still is necessary to work with personal issues, but forgetfulness, disorganization and other ADHD symptoms are the areas in which patients need the most help. Adults with ADHD need more help in functioning in relationships at work or school.

Dr. Ramsey brings home the point that adults who have ADHD know what they should do, and they know they shouldn’t procrastinate as much as they do. But they need the skills to become organized. ADHD services in London include learning the skills that will help them overcome the problems created by Adult ADHD.

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