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What is Educational Therapy and how can it help students?


Educational Therapy is a form of support that can really help students with ADHD to get on top and stay on top of their studies. 

Educational therapists are typically professionals with a background in education as well as specifically helping people with ADHD and the challenges it presents. 

These difficulties can include:

 – Difficulty in getting started with and completing course work

 – Difficulty in functioning in a busy and noisy surrounding resulting to unproductivity during working hours

 – Finding it hard to settle and relax

 – Making careless mistakes since they won’t pay close attention to details

 – Finding it difficult to concentrate on one thing

 – Struggling with listening when others are talking

 – Difficulty in following instructions properly.

 – Having a hard time organising activities

 – Getting easily distracted.

 – Forgetting daily tasks or activities.

An educational therapist will have a thorough understanding of how to identify any patterns and behaviours that an individual may use to mask the difficulties they are experiencing. This is an important aspect, as sometimes these patterns and behaviours can be misunderstood by parents, carers and teachers.

Once the educational therapist has got to know the individual, and their difficulties, they can begin to look at ways to support the individual in an age appropriate way.

This may include:

 – Supporting the individual to learn more about themselves and their condition too.

 – Giving them ownership of their condition and what it is happening.

 – Developing individual strategies, which are tailored to their individual needs.

 – Developing skills that they are lacking and building on their areas of strength too.

If you would like some further guidance and support please contact us at the ADHD Centre on 0800 061 4276 or via [email protected] for an in-depth ADHD assessment to improve your understanding of the disorder and to improve your understanding of the disorder and to know what treatment method is fit for you or them.

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