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Why Working At Home Is The Best Job For Adults With ADHD

Are you among the people who find it hard to handle long and boring meetings, or is someone who can't take a noisy cubicle or half a day of constant brainstorming sessions? If you do, chances are, you have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. As an adult with ADHD, you most likely find it hard to work with different kinds of people in a workplace.
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Why Working At Home Is The Best Job For Adults With ADHD


Are you among the people who find it hard to handle long and boring meetings, or is someone who can’t take a noisy cubicle or half a day of brainstorming sessions? If you do, chances are, you have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. As an adult with ADHD, you most likely find it hard to work with different kinds of people in the workplace. If you’re having a hard time coping up with working in an office for any type of work for that manner, you should quit your job and go home.  Now I know what you’re thinking: “If I do that, how am I going to support myself or my family?” Simple! Instead of suffering from working in an office, work from home and become a freelancer, and you’ve basically solved your problem. Home is the best job for adults with ADHD, know the reason why?.

The transition is going to be smooth, and you’d find yourself loving your job more than what you were doing when you were working in an office. I’ve known people who have switched positions from working in an office to working at home, and it – according to them – has made all the difference. If you’re wondering why more people with ADHD are starting to work from home, here are seven of the most common reasons why:

No One’s In-charge of Your Schedule but You.

The most common downfalls of being an employee with ADHD is the schedule. Most ADHDers find it hard to manage their schedules and make the most out of it. Some also feel like the daily 9-to-5 grind feels like hell in terms of getting things done during that period. If you work at home as a freelancer, you don’t have to worry about waking up early or having to contend with human resources that forbids you from starting your work before 9 A.M. Heck; you don’t even have to start working at nine every day. You have the freedom to organize and select your own ideal schedule to work. Basically, your schedule becomes a lot more flexible than working in an office, which is what you need as someone with ADHD.

You get to Choose Your Sitting Position When Working

This might not be as noticeable as the other items, but for those who find it hard to sit in a single position for long periods of hours, this can be quite impactful. If you choose to work at home instead, you can do your job in any position you want. You can slouch on your chair without having to worry about anyone noticing; you can sit on your couch an work while watching television; or you can even lie down in bed all day long, while still accomplishing tasks. The possibilities are endless!

You Get Fewer Distractions to Worry about

Problem with external distractibility is one of the biggest challenges for adults with ADHD. The workplace features extreme amounts of distraction. It’s full of people buzzing around, along with different noises in the air that can really be distracting if you’re someone who easily notices things. Now, if you work at home, you get a quieter and less crowded place to work. The only sounds you get to worry about are the sounds you make. No more worries of seeing people argue, talk in loud voices, the sound of the phone ringing, etc. The scenario of working at home is the ideal situation if you are looking to focus on a particular task.

You Get The Freedom To Do Other Things Like Listening To Music

While we’re on the subject, you can literally do anything you want when you work at home. You don’t have to worry about getting caught by your superiors – you are your own superior. You can eat while working, text someone while working, you can even binge-watch your favourite TV shows while working. Nobody’s in control of you, which is the best scenario if you are someone who is suffering from adult ADHD symptoms.

Say Goodbye to Sitting through Countless Hours of Meeting.

Again, one of the biggest challenges that most people with ADHD encounter are going through countless hours of sitting still in a dull conference room while your co-workers are deliberating about a project. Your condition doesn’t allow you to do such a thing without the urge to move and fidget your fingers just to stay relaxed. I’ve gone through different people who claimed that sitting for at least two hours inside a room and discussing with other people is like hell to them.

They just can’t handle it. If you work at home, you won’t have to sit for countless hours without having to move. You can conduct your meeting via Zoom for Healthcare, and you don’t even have to sit still while you’re doing the meeting. You can lie down, or sit on your most comfortable chair – there’s really no need to be formal anymore. The freedom is yours, and as someone with ADHD, that would be the ideal situation that you want to be in.


As someone with ADHD, you really don’t have to do what other people do. You are different, so why not embrace your difference and work towards making your life better by taking a different route. If you feel like the traditional workplace is strangling you and making your unproductive, give it up and switch to a more convenient job as a freelance worker. It has all the qualities and situations that are convenient for your condition. So if you’re ready to make a change, go for it now!

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