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Natasha Hickling

Neurodivergent Life Coach

Natasha Hickling is a Certified Neurodivergent Life Coach with a background in primary education and Special Educational Needs. After a few years in education, she left the UK to pursue international experience, where after she became a key stage Leader in China and a SENCO in a private institution in Malaysia. From there and through personal experiences, she ignited a fiery spark that gave her the urge to relay her knowledge and help others unlock their true potential. So she began her coaching with Neurodivergent teens, young adults, and families to help them realign their lives.

Since doing her certification in ADHD Life coaching, Natasha has gone on to certify in Family and Advanced level coaching around not only ADHD but other neurodivergent conditions. She takes part in a wide range of deeper coaching on not only fostering habits, addressing challenges, executive functioning, and navigating neurodivergent brains. But also looking at the whole person with strengths, modalities, advocating, values, and support systems around. This helps individuals to look beneath, take steps in the right direction, and most of all, to help individuals view the world truly through “their eyes”.


Adolescents, Children, and Young Adults with ADHD & Autism

Families and Parent Coaching

Educational & Executive Functioning Life Coaching

Education and Qualifications

PCC (Professional Certified Coach) ICF qualification 

BA in Music Theatre

PGCE in Primary Education

Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC), with training from iACTcenter

Elective Coaching Course In ADHD Family Coaching with ADDCA

Currently working towards Advanced ADHD Life Coach Accreditation with ADDCA

Trained Mental Health First Aider (both Adult and Youth)

Awards and Recognitions

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