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The vital role of reputable clinics in ADHD diagnosis and treatment

The recent BBC Panorama programme has sparked a surge of concern about private ADHD assessments and treatments. Although our clinics were not featured, we operate within..
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The vital role of reputable clinics in ADHD diagnosis and treatment


The recent BBC Panorama programme has sparked a surge of concern about private ADHD diagnosis, assessments and treatments.

Although our clinics were not featured, we operate within this industry and have inadvertently been drawn into the ongoing debate.

The programme showed a small number of clinics bringing attention to their inadequate ADHD assessments and treatments.

As the programme aired, we immediately issued a response to the allegations and continue to distance ourselves from these clinics.

Why are ADHD assessments at the ADHD Centre different?

At The ADHD Centre, we carry out all our diagnostic ADHD assessments and medication titrations by highly experienced medical doctors. These are consultant psychiatrists and experts in the field of mental health.

The clinics mentioned in the programme were apparently carrying out ADHD assessments using inadequately trained staff who were neither medical doctors nor consultant psychiatrists. They were also prescribing without standard safety checks as specified in (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) NICE and (General Medical Council) GMC prescribing guidelines.

We condemn these actions and it is not something that we do in any of our clinics.
We have a thorough and robust assessment and diagnostic process. It consists of a structured clinical assessment of ADHD, assessing signs and symptoms. As well as taking a full psychiatric and developmental history, medical history, risk history, and mental state examination.

To diagnose a client with ADHD we require important baseline physical investigations. This ensures we meet client safety standards before we discuss any medication options.

The accuracy of a supported diagnosis and the safety of our clients is always paramount and central to our service.

ADHD diagnosis with medical professionals

At The ADHD Centre, we prioritise your well-being by ensuring that qualified consultant psychiatrists complete the diagnostic assessments and medication titrations.

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of mental health. It guarantees a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms and a reliable diagnosis. By entrusting your ADHD assessment to qualified professionals, you can have confidence in the accuracy and credibility of your diagnosis.

Adherence to safety guidelines

The Panorama programme brought to light clinics that disregarded standard safety checks outlined in NICE and GMC prescribing guidelines.

At The ADHD Centre, we adhere strictly to these guidelines. We recognise their importance in ensuring your trust during the diagnostic and treatment process.

Our commitment to safety means that we base every treatment plan on rigorous assessments. This will include careful consideration of your specific medical history and important risk factors. With this level of diligence, we can ensure that your treatment plan is safe and effective.

ADHD diagnosis process

Unlike the clinics exposed in the Panorama program, our clinic follows a thorough and robust assessment process.

Our approach involves a structured clinical assessment of ADHD signs and symptoms which is based on the gold standard DSM-5 criteria. Your doctor will look in detail at how signs and symptoms of inattention and/or hyperactivity developed, how they have impacted your life in the past and how they are affecting you now. You will also undergo a thorough in-depth analysis of your general psychiatric history, to look for comorbid conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders that can often present alongside ADHD and may mask the condition.

Find out what happens during your assessment here: What happens in an ADHD assessment at the ADHD Centre?

Prioritising your safety

At The ADHD Centre, we prioritise the safety of our clients. After an accurate diagnosis, we conduct important baseline physical investigations. This ensures we meet all client safety standards before we consider any medication options.

Client feedback

Following the programme we received several messages from our clients. They were all appalled after watching the programme and wanted to share how different their experiences had been at the ADHD Centre.

These are a small number of responses we received (printed verbatim):

“I’ve literally just watched this documentary and I was shocked! You, the ADHD centre, diagnosed me in 2018 and my experience was great! There wasn’t a stone unturned and all aspects were considered, both past and present.

I had a conversation about each stage of my life which didn’t appear prompted by a checklist.

The psychiatrist insisted on gaining information from someone who knew me well at the time of the assessment (and had known me for a considerable amount of time), who knew me well as a child (and ensured they were an appropriate person)……. Check lists were completed by myself and checked over.

It didn’t feel rushed and I didn’t get my diagnosis for at least 3 days post assessment and until he received info from other parties (which tells me all information was thoroughly looked over).

I just wanted to show you some appreciation as my diagnosis positively changed my life. I highly recommended the ADHD centre. “(SIC)

Positive feedback

“So grateful you have posted this. Although, not for a second did I feel rushed or questioned wit my resent assessment or diagnosis, to watch this programme generally upset me. I sat in silence after as the credits rolled & was truly in disbelief that they could have published such a negative outlook on private centres. There was no mention of the hard, thorough centres like your self and for someone like myself who has been wrongly diagnosed for several years with anything but ADHD and still so new to coming to terms with having adhd it centrally set off many emotions. I truly think it was insensitive to people out there that have been diagnosed and have mental issues proscessing things, I second guess everything. Constantly overthink and it made me stare at my medication questioning so much yesterday morning. I just want to thank you so much for addressing this, giving those out there, including myself, piece of mind and once again reassuring that this was the best step to the rest of our lives.” (SIC)

Our knowledge

“Without your expert knowledge and support I wouldn’t been able to get my son the support he needs which is supported by camhs. Just so appreciative of your centre and the informative emails we get! Recommend you guys to everyone we meet.” (SIC)

ADHD diagnosis

“I was diagnosed by you guys last year and found it very thorough.

Also watching the TV show now it was psychologists, nurses and pharmacists anyway. So not comparable to my experience with you guys!!” (SIC)

Finding a private ADHD clinic

When seeking an ADHD diagnosis, it is imperative to choose a reputable clinic like The ADHD Centre.

When you entrust your ADHD assessment to experienced medical professionals, you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of your diagnosis and the safety of your treatment. We prioritise your well-being and strive to provide the highest standard of care.

By choosing the ADHD Centre, patients and their families can have peace of mind.

Knowing that you are receiving the highest standard of care from trusted professionals, resulting in accurate diagnoses and appropriate interventions for ADHD.

ADHD Support at The ADHD Centre

If any of these issues have affected you, there is support available.

We specialise in supporting people living with ADHD and their loved ones. Our team of highly experienced clinicians is on hand to provide expert insight, advice, support, and guidance on ADHD and how to best manage and embrace some of the challenges.

For more information on how we could help you:

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