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Looking At The Bright Side: Things to Love About Your ADHD Symptoms


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a mental condition that is mostly associated with negative impressions. A lot of times, the media, along with the general public, are doubling down on the negative side of ADHD. People feel like ADHD is like a curse that hinders people’s abilities to execute their daily activities normally. However, no matter how pessimistic people are of this condition, ADHD does have its perks that deserve mentioning. Most people associate ADHD with exposing your weaknesses. However, you can actually use it to discover your strong sides. You should not mistake your ADHD strengths for about ADHD symptoms. They are unique abilities that will give you the attributes that you never would’ve thought of having: creativeness, determination, persistence, eagerness, and even being super-energetic.

Do not be ashamed of your ADHD and all of the humour, drive, passion, and out-of-this-world thinking that it brings. It can become your most valuable asset. Here are some of the best traits of people with ADHD that we’ve came up:

The Drive of ADHD Hyperfocus

Having the ability to be hyper-focused is actually a serious advantage that people with ADHD can take advantage of. If you can adequately convey all of your attention and energy into your work, you can get things done more efficiently. According to Kathleen Nadeau, Director of the Chesapeake ADHD Center in Silver Spring, MD, USA, “A lot of successful scientists, writers, and artists have ADHD. They had very illustrious careers because they were able to focus on what they’re doing for hours, courtesy of their ADHD.”

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ADHD Brings Real Resiliency

ADHD isn’t a cakewalk of a condition – we already know that. You’ve probably had your fair share of embarrassments and disappointments over the years. But you’re still here – still going and living life to the fullest, and you have your ADHD to thank for. It’s a little-known fact, but people diagnosed with ADHD are actually good at getting through setbacks, coming up with new strategies, and becoming better than their past selves. As author Linda Roggli once said, “People with ADHD are special. They always focus on reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.  When they fall, they smile through their tears and pick themselves up off the sidewalk like it’s nothing.”

a man in his 40s laughing joyfully

A Dazzling Personality

We always talk about how ADHD limits a person’s ability to do tasks normally, not knowing that it can actually be the other way around. ADHD-diagnosed individuals can actually be super bright, creative, and funny. They commonly use self-deprecating humor to tell the world that perfection is boring, uninteresting, and unreal. These people have gone through challenges, learned the best ways to deal with their symptoms, and developed a sense of self-respect and humility along the way. All of these attributes add up to a person that everyone will truly love. These are people who are a pleasure to be around, and one who brighten people’s days.

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Generosity Runs Through Your Veins

The most common trait that people indicate about children with ADHD is their hyperactiveness and lack of attention. However, they aren’t aware of the extreme amount of generosity that these kids have. If you’re a parent of an ADHD-diagnosed child, pay attention on how they approach other children – you’d immediately see how reckless they are at handling relationships. But also notice how generous they are to the ones they care about the most. This can also apply to adults with ADHD. Basically, individuals with ADHD care about other people. They want to make the people around them happy, whether it’s by sharing a lunch box or providing a shoulder to cry on. They make it a point to shed happiness and love for other people.

a woman covering her face with her hands in a petiful way while an open hand on the side

A Fairness Advocate

No one understands fairness and equality more than people with ADHD. After living – or perhaps struggling – with accommodations, people with ADHD are already aware that in life, the concept of fairness isn’t synonymous with equality. From their own experience, they’re already aware that different people require different things to succeed. They are also committed to helping other people, no matter who they are.

Risk Makers, Risk Takers, and Risk Breakers

ADHD-diagnosed individuals are not afraid to take risks. They’ve got the confidence and determination in their system to pull through and succeed. Take Thomas Edison for example. Majority of people never knew that Thomas Edison had ADHD. What they also didn’t know was the amount of effort he put on his work. It took him roughly 3,000 attempts before finally coming up with a functioning light bulb. Even when it seemed impossible, he didn’t give up. He basically risks and fails a lot just to make it work. But in the end, the journey didn’t matter since he eventually achieved his ideal result.

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The Ultimate Comedian

People who are well-adjusted with their ADHD have developed the use of humor to handle any stressful situation. Normal people think that being with an ADHD person can be awkward and boring, but what they didn’t know is that it’s actually the other way around. A person with ADHD is actually amusing and a pleasure to be around. Their creativeness is always useful in coming up with a humorous side in any circumstance, brightening up an otherwise dull moment.

The Motivator That Everyone Needs

The final one on our list is also our favorite trait about ADHD-diagnosed individuals. These people are extreme motivators. Their optimism and high energy is extremely contagious to anyone. Sometimes life gets in the way and messes things up for everyone. But for people with ADHD, it’s entirely different. Sure you might see them getting disappointed and frustrated, but they’d immediately replace it with extreme optimism and willingness to bounce back.

a 4 hands doing a fist bumps

If you’re a member of a team, and you have a teammate that also has ADHD, you’d commonly find this person as the one who encourages the group never to give up and persevere even more. When people see the passion, drive, and knack for unconventional-yet-effective thinking, you will inspire others to push for their goals more and be more open towards finding ways on how to create their own success.


Despite its negative effects, ADHD does have a positive side that deserves mentioning. Sometimes dealing with ADHD is just a matter of looking at the bright side. You have ADHD — so what? There’s a lot of good things you can get from it. It’s not much of a big deal unless you make it one.

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